Standup Games

Name the ColorQuickCreative

A simple game where you are given a random color and must give it a name! Create the world's worst color scheme for your next website!

Built with no external libraries, demonstrating simple use of next.js.

Is This a Crime?QuickRandom

Given a random wanted poster, is the crime really a crime? If not - they're innocent, otherwise they're GUILTY!

Demonstrates the new font features of next.js 13 and the power of Tailwind.

The Wheel is RightSlowCompetitive

This is absolutely not a clone of a game from a famous gameshow hosted by the great Bob Barker. Nope.

Demonstrates WebGL with three.js, using react-three-fiber.


This is a collection of games made quickly using Next.js, so quickly that they might just be full of bugs.

Feel free to use them at your next stand-up!